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impossible puzzle challenge


With the desire to create a puzzle playground to connect, exchange and share interests and passions for all puzzle enthusiasts." Impossible Puzzles organizes the program "Impossible Puzzle Challenge". This is the world's first online show where anyone can play, show off your talent and have fun with jigsaw puzzles anywhere without having to go to a specific location to participate

1. Basic information

Program name: Impossible Puzzle Challenge
Organizational units: Impossible Puzzle
Key Message: Can you solve the impossible?
Forms: Livestream on 1 of 3 platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok
Timeout: 5 hours (Time begins as soon as/when the box is opened)

2. Prize structure and value
The program will grant 3 prizes to individuals with the best achievements as follows:

First Prize: $1500 and a trophy
Second Prize: $1000
Third Prize: $500

Payment method: Paypal, Payoneer…
Besides, the participants will also have a chance of getting Impossible Puzzle vouchers.

Additional prize:
1 Extra prizes for everyone who predicts the fastest time to complete the puzzle in this Impossible Puzzle Challenge.
The winner will be awarded a random puzzle set from Impossible Puzzle, with the shipping fee included.
To participate, simply leave a comment predicting the fastest completion time for mini game posts on Impossible Puzzle’s social platforms before September 1st.

3. Redeem awards
Vouchers can only be used to purchase products at the Impossible Puzzle website and are not exchangeable for cash.
4. Participants
Anyone can participate in the event, not limited by geography, age
5. Product requirements and join the event
5.1. Product requirements

The products that can be used to participate in the challenge are included in the Challenge Collection on our website. The requirement for these puzzles is to have 1000 pieces.

To maintain fairness in the Challenge, participants are required not to open the puzzles before the live event. They must display the seal of the box during the live show before the challenge commences.

5.2. Join the event

5.2.1 Register

To sign up for the Impossible Puzzle Challenge, follow these steps:

Step 1: Register for the program by filling out the form at the provided link.  

registration link

Step 2: Participants will receive an exclusive voucher offering 15% off on every order. This voucher is designed to support participants during the challenge.

Note: the conditions for participating in the challenge and the voucher code are only applicable for the product 1000 Pieces

Step 3: Purchase the products you desire to qualify for the challenge.

Here is the link to the designated products for Impossible Challenge! 

NOTE: Remember to choose the 1000 pieces option with CODE: IPC15 - to get 15% OFF

Once you have completed the registration and purchased the product, we will contact you via email to confirm the program's information and schedule.

By following these steps, you can join our exciting puzzle challenge!

5.2.2 Take part in the contest

Take part in the contest by following these steps to ensure a smooth and efficient livestream puzzle experience:

Step 1: Prepare the puzzle, stopwatch, and Streaming devices.

Before the livestream, gather the essential tools for playing the puzzle which includes:
A puzzle product purchased from the "Impossible Puzzle" website 
A stopwatch to measure playtime
A device for live streaming
Set a specific rotation angle as shown below:

Photo with vertical camera livestream angle

Photo with vertical camera livestream angle


Livestream photos with horizontal camera

Livestream photos with horizontal camera

Step 2: Position the stopwatch beside the puzzle area, ensuring it remains visible during the livestream.
The stopwatch is crucial for measuring puzzle playtime accurately. Place it next to the puzzle area, making sure it stays visible on the screen during the livestream. This ensures fair competition and precise timing of puzzle completion.

Step 3: Connect your device to the internet and launch the livestream app on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram (platforms with high interaction).

Before going live, ensure your device is connected to the internet and open the livestream app. You can choose from popular platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or TikTok Live to share your puzzle-playing journey with engaged viewers.

Step 4: Craft a captivating title and description for your video. Incorporate hashtags and mention the organizer's name during the livestream.

When going live, use the hashtag: #ImpossiblePuzzleChallenge and tag the organizer "Impossible Puzzle" in your post. This enables us to locate and review your video once you've completed the challenge.

hag tag impossible puzzle

Step 5: Start the livestream and begin assembling the puzzle.

With all preparations in place and your video's title and description set, start the livestream and engage in puzzle-solving.

During the livestream, film the process of unboxing the puzzle (ensuring the product remains sealed). After opening the puzzle, press the timer and start assembling.

Step 6: Conclude the livestream and Save the video.

Once you've finished the puzzle, stop the timer and conclude the livestream. Save the recorded video on the platform for the organizers to review and evaluate the results.

Remember, it's crucial to share your live stream link/video with us after the broadcast. This way, we can determine the fastest participants based on the time you provide and identify those who successfully completed our challenge.

NOTE: Sent us your video/link of your live stream to our gmail:

6. Criteria for review and awarding
Prizes play a significant role in any competition, including a puzzle game. To uphold fairness for all participants, the contest organizers must clearly define the awarding criteria, particularly regarding time, and ensure that contestants adhere to the given instructions.
Regarding the time criterion, the Organization Board will identify and award the top 3 individuals with the fastest completion time, measured from the beginning of the game to the puzzle's completion. This encourages participants to stay focused and complete the puzzle swiftly and efficiently.

Additionally, ensuring that contestants meet the requirements outlined in the organizers' instructions is a vital factor in evaluating and awarding prizes. This guarantees that all participants fully comply with the regulations, instructions, and requirements set forth by the Organizer.

7. Participant Obligations:

1. Participants must read, understand, agree to, and adhere to these Rules. In case of any disputes or complaints related to the program, the decision of the Organizer is final.

2. Image and Name Usage: Impossible Puzzle reserves the right to use the contestant's image and name for contest transparency, advertising, and commercial purposes in the media or for any other purpose without payment, prior notice, or permission.

3. Legal Capacity: Entrants must warrant that they fully comprehend the Program Rules and have obtained necessary consent or authorization, as required by law, from their legal representative or guardian on a case-by-case basis to ensure the Contestant's full legal and civil act capacity to participate in and implement this program.

4. Prize Responsibility: We are not responsible if the winner does not receive the prize due to incomplete or incorrect information.

8. Contact

Any questions related to the Program, Customers can contact the following information:

Address: 1121 Old Town Lane, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009, United States
Facebook: Impossible Puzzle
Instagram: Impossible Puzzle
Tik Tok: Impossible Puzzle

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