Challenging Temperance Tarot Puzzles

Challenging Temperance Tarot Puzzles

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Challenging Temperance Tarot Puzzles

Challenging Temperance Tarot Puzzles

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Don't underestimate the challenge by its piece count.

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Temperance - a card referring to balance and harmony, is used as the theme for a unique puzzle product called Challenging Temperance Tarot Puzzles

Why choose the temperance card as the subject of the collection of tarot puzzles?

- Balance and harmony: The Temperance card often symbolizes balance and harmony. It represents the combination of two different factors to produce a better result. This card also represents patience, calmness and meticulousness in combining those elements.

- Combination and agreement: Temperance also symbolizes union and agreement. This card represents the creation of a beautiful combination of different elements and encourages us to learn to empathize and be in harmony with those around us.

- Control and self-control: The Temperance card also symbolizes control and self-control. This card also represents making the right choices and decisions in life, and encourages us to learn how to control our emotions and actions.

These meanings have been adapted and applied to the product Challenge Temperance Tarot Puzzles

Image printed on the product

A Temperance product in the collection of tarot card puzzles is a work of art often depicted as a painting or a sculpture. Image Temperance is often depicted as a young girl riding a horse, The girl usually wears a long dress and coat, she sits on a chariot, symbolizing balance and restraint.

The temperance Tarot Puzzles
Temperance tarot puzzles card images

Production materials

- This product is made of wood and consists of intricately cut and assembled pieces that carry various meanings. The wood pieces are carefully crafted and fit together to form a larger structure that is both visually appealing and iconic.
- Each piece has its own unique shape and size, and they all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to create a cohesive whole. The product is a puzzle art.
- Wood is used both to enhance the visual impact of the work, and to ensure the safety of health and sustainability of the product.

Free gifts with temperance tarot puzzles

- You will receive a free wooden keychain with the finished product printed on it with your purchase. This is a small gift we send to our loyal customers.
- Furthermore, if you are unable to assemble the kit, you can view the finished work through our keychain.
- We always strive to bring the best customer satisfaction and experience.

Temperance Keychain
Temperance Keychain

Our product comes in three sizes to meet different preferences and skill levels from easy to impossible

  • Easy (12x10") - 450 PCS
  • Challenging (16x13") - 750 PCS
  • Impossible (18x15") - 1000 PCS 
Temperance Tarot Puzzle is a challenging yet rewarding puzzle that is perfect for those who want a good mental workout. With an intricate design and high difficulty, this puzzle is sure to provide hours of entertainment and a sense of accomplishment once completed.

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Whether you are a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or simply looking for a new and exciting challenge, the Temperance Tarot Puzzle is a must-have. So why not test your skills and see if you can afford to complete this complex and fascinating puzzle?

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